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When Permit Is Needed
Over 8'6" wide,
Over 14' high.
Trailer over 59' long
Rear overhang over 4’

Special Information Needed
Id, ICC/MC#, serial# on truck, HUD#

Times Of Movement
1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.
Vehicles not exceeding 10' wide or 100' long may operate on the interstate 24-7 Sat.& Sun.
Travel is granted for loads not exceeding 16' wide,14' high or 95' long
Travel prohibited for loads exceeding 14’ wide, 16’ high & 110’ long on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Permit office closed on these days as well.

Permit not valid without curfew sheet attached. Curfews may be seen on the TEXDOT website:

When Pilot/Escort Vehicle is Required

Width of 14' up to and including 16'-1
Width over 16'- 2 (front & rear)
Width over 20’ must have route survey

Length over 110' up to 125'-1
Length over 125' long- 2 (front & rear)

Rear overhang over 20' up to 30'-1 rear
Overhang over 30'- 2 (front + rear + special approval)

Height over 17' contact utility companies-1 w/ height pole
Height over 18'- 2 (front & rear+ height pole)
Height over 19’ must have route survey

Manufactured homes:
Width over 16' up to 18' (on 2-lane highways-1 front; on multi-lane-1 rear)
Width over 18' on all highways-2 (front & rear)

Requirements for Pilot / Escort Vehicle
General: Single unit w/ GVW of 1000 lb. min. To 10,000 lb. max.
Signs: “OVERSIZE LOAD” OR “WIDE LOAD” sign mounted on either the roof of the vehicle or the front & rear of the vehicle; must be visible from the front & rear; (5’- 7’ x 12”- 18”) w/ black letters (8”-10” high w/ 1.41” brush stroke) on yellow background
Lights: 2 flashing or 1 rotating amber light; 8” in diameter min.; mounted on the roof of vehicle; visible 360 degrees
Additional equipment: 2-way radio

Requirements for Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator
None specified

Dept. of Transportation Permits Office - Hours: 6:00a.m.-6:00p.m. Mon.-Fri; 6:00a.m.-2p.m. Sat.; Closed Sunday
Dept. of Transportation
125 E 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
800-299-1700 (permits only)
512-465-3584 (general info)
Fax: 512-465-3500 (24 hrs. Mon.-Fri.; 6a.m.-2p.m. Sat.)